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We are asphalt and concrete maintenance specialists! SealPro has been a family owned business for over 20 years. We have sealed thousands of driveways in the NY NJ area. We use commercial grade, 100% Coal Tar sealer made by Star Sealer®. Our sealer is fortified with Star Advantage: which improves the overall performance, durability and appearance of the sealer. We also use Rubberized Hot Tar Crack Filler for cracks which is the same product used on roadways. All patching is done with Hot Asphalt to ensure the strongest patchwork possible. For driveways, our sealer is brush applied by to ensure a thicker coat than spray machines and a neater job with no messy over-spray. We carefully apply the sealer so that it does not get on the grass, concrete aprons or belgium blocks. We are fully licensed bonded, and insured.

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SealPro inc. is Owned and Operated by:

Austin Hoffman

Louis Hoffman


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