Our Process

Power Clean

Cleaning the asphalt is the first and most important step prior to sealing your driveway. We use Hi-output Power Blowers and Industrial Rotating Power Brooms (when applicable) to clean the surface of the driveway and clean all cracks by removing any dirt and debris. It may be necessary to Powerwashing your driveway, if it has years of dirt build-up or moss growth on the asphalt.


Heat-Treat Oil Spots

Oil spots are heat treated with propane torch, which burns off most of the stain. Next, we wire brush the area to remove any remaining stain. Heavily damaged areas will be removed and fixed using hot asphalt.



When necessary we cut overgrown grass along blacktop. This allows the sealer to be applied to the edges of the driveway, preventing weed infiltration, and providing for a manicured finish.


Hot Crack Filler

Hot rubberized tar is used to fill cracks. This process is the same we use on high traffic streets and commercial parking lots for cracks.



We apply commercial grade 100% coal tar sealer made by StarSealer®. We also fortified the sealer with Star Advantage: which improves the overall performance, durability and appearance of the sealer. The sealer is precisely mixed in specially designed agitator tank that ensures your driveway will receive a consistent and durable sealer. Our one-of-a-kind, skid-resistant formula and application techniques penetrate the sealer deep into the pores of the asphalt.


Block Off Driveway

Lastly, we barricade your driveway with caution tape and put up a SealPro yard sign. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to use your driveway. Please leave our yard sign up for as long as practical since this is the best advertisement of our craftsmanship.

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